Rules and Regulations

Miss Rodeo California 2021 Press Release


June 4, 2020 – Miss Rodeo California, Inc. announced Thursday that the Miss Rodeo California 2021 Pageant, previously scheduled for October 2020, has been cancelled due to the nationwide impact of COVID-19 and the resulting cancellation of the Miss Rodeo America 2021 pageant (See press release here).

The current Miss Rodeo California, Morgan Laughlin, will continue her reign until December 2021.

With the cancellation of so many rodeos and events due to COVID-19, the Miss Rodeo California, Inc. board of directors is excited to have Morgan continue as an ambassador and representative of our state and our industry for an additional year. Morgan will also be eligible to compete in the Miss Rodeo America 2022 pageant that is scheduled to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in December 2021.

For our contestants who were hoping to run for Miss Rodeo California 2021 this fall, the Miss Rodeo California board of directors apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused. And, for the Miss Rodeo California 2022 pageant we will increase the age limit by one year so that all contestants that hoped to run this year will still be eligible to run next year.


  1. Contestants must conduct themselves in a proper lady-like manner and portray high moral standards.  Contestants will not be permitted to take any illegal drugs, drink alcoholic beverages, smoke/smokeless tobacco or use foul language at any time during the pageant.
  2. Each Contestant will supply the Miss Rodeo California Pageant with one 8”x10” color photo. The photo should be head and shoulder in full western attire including hat, without a crown.  The 8”x10” photo will be used for photogenic judging and may be picked up after the pageant is over.
  3. Each Contestant is required to submit a $300 non-refundable entry fee with her application. No personal checks accepted. Payment must be in the form of a cashiers check or money order made payable to MRC Pageant, Inc.
  4. Upon entering the Miss Rodeo California Pageant, Contestants must sign Waiver of Liability and Expectation Forms and completed Application Form. A copy of Contestants’ birth certificate must accompany application and will be returned following the pageant.
  5. Miss Rodeo California, will be required to sign a contract (s) with the Miss Rodeo California Pageant, Inc., following Coronation ceremony.
  6. A Contestant, or any friend or family member of the contestant, must not approach Judges with the intent to influence or harass. Action of this type will be reported to the Miss Rodeo California Executive Board and disqualification of that Contestant will result.
  7. The Pageant Committee will provide horses and tack necessary for the horsemanship competition and Contestants will not be permitted to use their own horses.
  8. There will be two Contestants in each room. The Pageant Director will make the designation of roommates.
  9. Contestants will be under the supervision of the Miss Rodeo California Pageant upon check-in until after the Coronation Ceremony. The Pageant is not officially complete until Contestants are checked out of their hotel rooms. Until Contestants check out of their room, they must abide by all Pageant Rules. Contestants not following these guidelines will jeopardize future eligibility and any runner-up status. No other individual will be allowed to occupy room assigned to the contestants at any time.
  10. MRC Pageant, Inc. will be responsible for your room charge for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights of the pageant. Upon room check-in, a credit card guarantee will be required for any additional charges incurred by contestant.
  11. Contestants will be responsible for checking out of their hotel room prior to the Coronation Ceremony Sunday morning.
  12. Contestants will be expected to present an extemporaneous speech to be a minute and a half long on a subject they will draw. After subject has been drawn contestant will be given ten minutes to prepare in private before called to the stage for presentation. Speeches will be timed.
  13. Contestants will provide their own transportation to and from their home to the pageant hotel. Contestants will not be allowed to use personal vehicles during the pageant. Chaperones will take Contestants to and from all Pageant Events.
  14. Contestants must provide their own wardrobe and agree to follow the Wardrobe Guidelines (See the preliminary instructions in the Wardrobe Guidelines section.) The Final Wardrobe Schedule will be provided upon acceptance of Contestant Application Forms.
  15. Upon commencement of the Pageant, Contestants are under the jurisdiction of the Miss Rodeo California Pageant Officials. The Miss Rodeo California Pageant encourages friends and relatives to attend the Pageant, but at no time are they to visit with Contestants in their rooms. Nor are they allowed in areas designated by Pageant officials as “restricted areas”. Any items to be sent to the Contestants should go through the front desk or Chaperones.
  16. The Miss Rodeo California Pageant Executive Board expects each Contestant to display the highest degree of sportsmanship during the Pageant and particularly following the Coronation Ceremony. Each Contestant should be mindful that she is representing the sport of professional rodeo. Poor sportsman-like conduct will not be tolerated and could result in the Contestant being disqualified and may affect future eligibility to compete in the Miss Rodeo California Pageant.
  17. All contestants must participate and meet required minimum number of raffle ticket sales to be eligible to compete.  To receive pageant points, all ticket stubs, unsold tickets and a cashier check or money order made payable to MRC Pageant, Inc. for the entire amount of tickets sold, must be turned in at orientation.
  18. Each contestant is required to donate an item or basket with a value of at least two hundred fifty dollars for the live auction.
  19. Each Contestant will be required to submit via email, a biography and photograph to be used for the official program, publications, etc. Biography is to be approximately 100 words.

Any contestant not meeting the qualifications set forth above shall be denied the right to compete in the Miss Rodeo California Pageant.

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