Pageant Information

Eligibility Requirements

The Miss Rodeo California Pageant Executive Board will conduct the state Pageant under the guidelines of the Miss Rodeo America Pageant.  This allows the winner of the Pageant to be eligible to compete in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant upon successful completion of her reign as Miss Rodeo California.  The Miss Rodeo California Pageant Executive Board has the authority to make provisions and waive eligibility rules and/or regulation requirements with the approval of their Board of Directors.

Eligibility Requirements for Miss Rodeo California Contestants

Each Contestant in the Miss Rodeo California Pageant on the date of competition and final selection of Miss Rodeo California:

  1. Contestants must have obtained the age of 19 years and shall not have obtained the age of 27 years by December 31, 2021, the same to be evidenced by her birth certificate presented with application.
  2. Must be a current resident of California having resided in California for a complete year by application deadline. Verification may be requested.
  3. Must not have previously been, or presently be, married and/or pregnant.
  4. Must execute all required documents as set forth in the application packet, consents and/or waivers of liability presented as conditions prior to competition, by application deadline.
  5. Shall abide by all rules and regulations of the Miss Rodeo California Pageant.
  6. Must not have ever been convicted of a crime.  A background search will be conducted.
  7. Must portray unexcelled sportsmanship, high morals and a superb ethical character.

Any contestant not meeting the qualifications set forth above shall be denied the right to compete in the Miss Rodeo California Pageant.

Pageant Application Documents

Download the Miss Rodeo California Expectations Agreement here.

Download the Miss Rodeo California Waiver Agreement here.

Download the Miss Rodeo California pageant application PDF here.

Download the Miss Rodeo California pageant application DOC here.

General Information


All Contestants will be under the constant supervision of Pageant Officials and Chaperones.  Chaperones will stay in the hotel in rooms close to Contestants.  They will be available to assist Contestants and supervise them in all activities.  Chaperones will also escort Contestants to and from Pageant events.


The Miss Rodeo California Pageant will provide accommodations for all Contestants during the Miss Rodeo California Pageant.  Contestants are required to stay in the provided accommodations.  Family and friends are encouraged to stay at the host hotel as some of the events will be held at the hotel and the rest are close by.  Friends and family should be reminded that no visitors are allowed in the Contestants rooms after the Contestant check-in.  Host hotel information will be mailed to Contestants upon receipt of their application.

MRC 2022 Pageant Host Hotel: Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California

Pageant Program

Each Contestant will have her photo and biography printed in the official Miss Rodeo California Pageant Program.  Many Contestants may wish to purchase an additional ad to thank sponsors and supporters.  The deadline for all ads, and the corresponding fees, must be received in the Pageant Office by September 1 to allow time for the ad to be placed in the Pageant Program.


Horses for the Horsemanship Event will be provided by the Miss Rodeo California Pageant.  A Horsemanship Chairperson will be appointed and, along with a Horsemanship Committee, will choose appropriate mounts and assure that the horses are as even as possible.  Horses will be of the all-around type that will pick up leads, stop and turn, if ridden correctly.  The Horsemanship Committee will strive to assure that all tack is in good shape and that stirrups are adjustable to any lengths to accommodate Contestants of all heights. There will be at least one extra horse in case of unsuitability, or injury to a horse.  Each Contestant will go-around twice and the order of competition will be established from a random drawing that will take place prior to the competition.  The Horsemanship Committee members will not have access to this draw until after the horses have been numbered.  There will be no tack changes, except stirrup adjustments, between the rounds.

It will be up to the Judge’s discretion to replace a horse in the draw.  Contestants will not be permitted to wear spurs or adjust tack in any way.  If a Contestant has a concern she should point it out to a Horsemanship Committee member or Pageant Official.  The competition will not begin until all stirrups are adjusted and all Contestant questions and concerns are addressed.

Before each round Contestants will be matched with the horse that was drawn for them prior to the Pageant.  Before the second go-around the stirrups may again be adjusted.  A 5-minute warm-up will take place prior to each pattern.  Round 1 will consist of each Contestant performing the assigned pattern then approaching the Judges and answering questions pertaining to tack, her pattern, parts of the horse, etc.  Round 2 will be group Rail Work, followed immediately by a Queen Run.  There are 5 patterns and they are included in this booklet.  During the orientation meeting on the first day of the Pageant, Contestants will be advised of which pattern will be used.


Photographs taken of Contestants during the pageant, by pageant officials or their designees, will become property of Miss Rodeo California Pageant, Inc., and may be used for publicity and other purposes.


Upon commencement of the Pageant, Contestants will be under the jurisdiction and responsibility of the Miss Rodeo California Pageant, Inc. The Miss Rodeo California Pageant will appoint a Chaperone Chairperson and other Chaperones who, with the guidance of the Miss Rodeo California Executive Board, will take complete charge of the Contestants until the Pageant is complete.

Event Tickets

Parents, relatives, friends and supporters of the Contestants are responsible for obtaining their own tickets to the various Pageant Events.  These tickets will be on sale in advance and ticket order forms will be sent to Contestants submitting completed Applications, as well as, anyone requesting the form.  We recommend the advance purchase of tickets.  This will guarantee that family, sponsors and friends have tickets to the various events.

Study Information

It is recommended that Contestants subscribe to the Pro Rodeo Sports News and purchase a PRCA Media Guide. You can request a copy of the PRCA Rule Book by calling the PRCA Media Department at 719-528-4772.  A copy of PRCA Animal Welfare information is included in this packet. The Media information and PRCA Rule Book can also be obtained on their web site,  All this information is great study material for you as you prepare for the Miss Rodeo California competition.

The WPRA/PWRA Rodeo News and Official Reference Book are both available through the WPRA Office, 1235 Lake Plaza Dr, Suite 134, Colorado Springs, CO  80906.

The Miss Rodeo America Pageant, Inc. business office is located at 101 Pro Rodeo Dr., Colorado Spring, CO  80919. The office telephone is (719) 344-9063 or fax (719) 344-2280.  Their web site address is:

Pageant Guidelines

Contestant Guidelines for the Miss Rodeo California Pageant

Appearance Guidelines

  1. Attractiveness with self-confidence.
  2. Grooming: This should include neatness and cleanliness in every detail including complexion, hands, fingernails, hair, hat, boots, and other wearing apparel. Meticulous care in general grooming is essential for a girl to be considered as Miss Rodeo California.
  3. Photogenic Quality: Judges will conduct a review of a single 8”x10” photo that the Contestant will have submitted with her entry.
  4. Posture: How a Contestant carries herself is very important.  The Judges will be looking for Contestants to carry themselves straight and tall and exude self-confidence and poise.
  5. Poise and ladylike behavior in every situation:  Judges will be looking for Contestants to handle each situation in which they are involved with grace and style.  Judges will be also be looking for Contestants to have a substantial knowledge of proper etiquette.
  6. Western Fashion Sense:  Contestants should pick outfits that reflect fashionable and tasteful western clothing.  Judges will be paying particular attention to Contestant’s ability to use colors to enhance her natural coloring, appearance and eye appeal.
  7. Proper fit of clothing: Contestants should pay particular attention to the fit of their outfits.  Outfits should be figure flattering and altered to fit her personally.  Judges will be looking for a properly fitting hat that is shaped to flatter the Contestants face.  Contestants should remember that this is not a clothing contest.  It is not necessary to invest an excessive amount of money in clothing.  Judges will be looking for versatility and imagination and a Contestant’s ability to carry out a “total look”.
  8. Knowledge of western clothing:Contestants should be familiar with the major western wear manufacturers and the latest trends in the western wear industry.

Personality Guidelines

The purpose of this category is to select the young lady who rates the highest in:

  1. Intelligence and good common sense.
  2. Conversational ability in varied circumstances, with an emphasis on grammar and enunciation.
  3. A good sense of humor.
  4. Self-confidence, high moral standards, sincerity, and integrity.
  5. Genuine interest in other people and consideration of others.
  6. Self-Projection – the ability to project one’s personality, whether it be from horseback or appearing on stage before a crowd.
  7. A happy outlook on life.
  8. Promptness in keeping the pageant schedule.
  9. Maturity.
  10. The ability to clearly express ones educational backgrounds and career goals.

Horsemanship Guidelines

The purpose of this category is to select the young lady who rates the highest in:

  1. Horsemanship – Control of the horse and the way the Contestant handles each situation that may occur.
  2. Balance – The ability to sit steady in a saddle.
  3. Position of hands, feet, and seat.
  4. Mounting and dismounting.
  5. Understanding and skill will be judged and not the horse or equipment.
  6. There will be two go-rounds of Horsemanship competition.  The 1st go-round will be a pattern selected by the panel of Judges from the patterns listed in this booklet.  At the discretion of the Judges, patterns may be altered due to the arena conditions.  Any changes and/or alterations to the Horsemanship patterns will be announced to the Contestants before the Horsemanship competition begins.  The 2nd go-round will be group Rail Work.
  7. Each Contestant will be interviewed on each of the following categories; knowledge of tack, horse science, professional rodeo and history, rodeo terminology, explanation of “standard” rodeo events, championship standings, and current issues of the PRCA magazine.
  8. Showmanship:  How well a Contestant projects her personality to the audience from horseback.

Judging Guidelines

The Miss Rodeo California Pageant Executive Board will use the following procedures for judging:

  1. At least four Judges will be used to judge all categories.
  2. Judging will cover three categories: Personality, Appearance and Horsemanship.
  3. The services of an independent Auditor will be used to tally the Judge’s scores.
  4. Pageant Officials will not have access to completed judging sheets. The Judges will select from among themselves one person to serve as Head Judge and that Judge will gather the completed score sheets from all of the Judges, put them in a sealed envelope and personally see that the Auditor receives them.
  5. Decisions by the Judges are final!
  6. Scoring ties for each category (Appearance, Personality, Horsemanship, Speech and Photogenic) will be broken by referring back to the score of Judge #1.  That score will break the tie.  If a tie still remains, the score of Judge #2 will be used… and so on until the tie is broken.
  7. A tie in scoring for Miss Rodeo California (and first runner-up) will be broken by the Horsemanship scores.  The Contestant with the highest score in Horsemanship will receive the higher ranking.
  8. The Miss Rodeo California Pageant Executive Board will select the Judges based on their expertise in the various categories.
  9. Contestants will have at least one personal interview with the panel of Pageant Judges.  Judges will ask questions pertaining to rodeo, horsemanship, current events, western attire, personal goals, opinions, etc.  Judges will attempt to determine the character and knowledge of each Contestant.
  10. Contestants will vote for the selection of Miss Congeniality.  A tie in scoring will be broken by a second vote by Contestants with only those tied for the selection on the ballot.
  11. All Pageant Judges will select the Contestant most deserving of the Miss Photogenic Award.  There will be no points awarded to Contestants for this award.  Judges will select the Contestant most deserving of the Speech Award (Extemporaneous).  There will be no points awarded to Contestants in this category; however, Contestants will be judged in personality and appearance during the speech presentation.

Wardrobe Guidelines

  1. As stated above, the Pageant will include; a Horsemanship portion, an Evening Speech or Fashion Show competition, a California Speech competition, at least one Interview Session, and a Coronation Ceremony.  It may also include other events.  Contestants should study the tentative Pageant Schedule that is included with the Application Packet for wardrobe guidelines. The Final Schedule will be provided with your Entry Acceptance Package.
  2.  The Horsemanship outfit should consist of WRANGLER BRAND JEANS of any style or color with a coordinating blouse that should be tucked in.  Accessories (hat, boots, belt, etc.) may be any color.  Chaps are not permitted.
  3.  The Extemporaneous Speech and the (modeling) Competitions require a western dress or skirt outfit that should be made in the western style with added glamour for the evening and to show up well on stage.
  4. There are two interviews at pageant. The personal interview should be a western styled suit or other conservative dress or skirt outfit. The rodeo or horsemanship interview shall be in a professional Wrangler pant outfit. The interview outfits will again be defined in the final schedule.
  5.  The Coronation Ceremony outfit should be a classic western dress that is suitable for eveningwear.
  6.  Contestants should bring extra casual outfits (appropriate with Wrangler Jeans) for free time and a swimsuit for use at the hotel pool/spa, if time allows.
  7. Contestants shall wear no personal crown or sash.  The Miss Rodeo California Pageant will provide sashes and Contestants shall return these at the end of the Pageant.

Horsemanship Patterns

Instruction Guidelines

Pattern #1

  1. horsemanship pattern 1 and 2Lope on left lead to and past second marker.
  2. Stop and roll back to the right.
  3. Continue on right lead and lope small right circle around marker.
  4. Midway between markers change leads and break to extended jog.
  5. Complete tight half circle around the marker.
  6. Continue back to the marker.
  7. Stop and back.
  8. Hesitate to show completion of pattern and exit arena at a jog.

Pattern #2

  1. Lope on left lead to second marker.
  2. Stop and roll back to the right.
  3. Immediately lope off on right lead and lope a
  4. small circle around marker, continue to fourth marker.
  5. Stop and do 360-degree turn to the left.
  6. Lope around marker on left lead.
  7. When even with marker, break to extended trot.
  8. At marker, stop and back.
  9. Exit arena at a jog.

Pattern #3

  1. horsemanship pattern 3 and 4Run with speed past end marker #2.
  2. Stop. Roll back to the right.
  3. Lope on left lead down and around marker #1.
  4. Proceed up to marker #3.
  5. Stop and turn left.
  6. Extended trot to marker #4.
  7. Stop and back.
  8. Hesitate to show completion of pattern.
  9. Exit the arena at a jog.

Pattern #4

  1. Extended trot past third marker.
  2. Stop. Do 1 1/4 turn to the left.
  3. Lope immediately off on left lead.
  4. Do small slow circle to left.
  5. Stop even with top of third marker.
  6. Do 180-degree right turn.
  7. Lope immediately off on right lead.
  8. Lope large fast circle to the right.
  9. When even at top of third marker, break to jog.
  10. Jog to middle marker.
  11. Stop and back.
  12. Exit the arena at a jog.

Pattern #5

  1. Do extended jog along side of arena, then to center.
  2. Begin lope at center of arena and lope left circle on left lead.
  3. Change leads at center of arena and lope right circle on right lead.
  4. Once on the straight, increase speed and continue around end of arena.
  5. Stop and back.horsemanship pattern 5

Group Rail Work

This is designed to evaluate the contestants ability to execute a set of maneuvers prescribed by the judge with precision and smoothness while exhibiting poise and confidence, and maintaining a balanced, functional and fundamentally correct body position.

Contestant Packet

Once you have sent in your pageant application, these are the documents you will be sent once you are a contestant.

These documents are subject to change between now and then and will be due upon arrival at the pageant.

Miss Rodeo California 2020 Contract

Miss Rodeo California Rules and Regulations Agreement

Miss Rodeo California 2020 Pageant Checklist

Miss Rodeo California 2020 Pageant Fundraiser Information

Miss Rodeo California 2020 Pageant Fashion Forward Guidelines

Miss Rodeo California 2020 Pageant Grievance Policy

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