About Miss Rodeo California:


Miss Rodeo California, Inc. is a 501c(4) organization. The Miss Rodeo California Pageant objective is to select a State Ambassador for the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association, its sponsors, and supporters. The primary mission of the process is that she will promote the western culture and way of life by educating the general public on topics including ranching and farming heritage, the agriculture industry and the sport of rodeo. An additional outcome is to provide educational opportunities for these young women to be prepared for the leadership positions of tomorrow.

Miss Rodeo California symbolizes the youth of our nation who wish to further promote Agriculture, and the sport of Professional Rodeo, and in doing so, promotes the great western way of life. She is the ideal, agriculturally oriented American young woman, who embodies professionalism, speaks intelligently, and has integrity, good character, knowledge and grace. She consistently models and demonstrates these characteristics as she travels extensively across our country and at times, to other countries as well.


The Miss Rodeo California competition includes the following categories: Horsemanship, Speech, Modeling, Personal & Horsemanship Interviews, Test, Raffle Ticket Sales, Photogenic, Personality & Appearance.

As the newly crowned state rodeo queen Scarry received a educational scholarship, a buckle, saddle, perpetual chaps, perpetual crown, and other various awards.

Scarry has also been awarded the prestigious opportunity to represent California in the Miss Rodeo America 2022 Pageant.  The Miss Rodeo America Pageant is held in December each year in conjunction with the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Miss Rodeo California continues to exemplify and promote the vast western culture that exists throughout our great state. I whole heartedly admire women of such class and poise. As I grew up, Miss Rodeo California was always an icon for not only class and poise, but independence, horsemanship and knowledge. Being Miss Rodeo California, you make the jump from representing one community to communities scattered in every nook of our state. The kind of experience gained through an opportunity of this magnitude is in fact, unlike any other,” Brittney Phillips, Pageant Director, said.

“I’m so proud of all of the contestants. I’m constantly in awe of how they carry themselves and the hard work they all put in to compete at a state level pageant. Every one of the young ladies have a passion for rodeo, are educated and show a level of professionalism that is very impressive. It’s truly an honor to know them,” Markie Battaglia, Miss Rodeo California Inc National Director, said.

“I’m elated to have the opportunity to work alongside such a dedicated board of directors in our inaugural year and even more excited for the future of the organization. Our focus more than ever has been increased scholarships. This year and every year forward each of our contestants will walk away with an educational scholarship. In addition, we recognize the need for resources to better educate and support our local California pageants. We fully intend on establishing guidelines to provide a lifeline for aspiring rodeo queen pageants, pageant directors and contestants. 2023 will be a year of not only a new decade, but broadening horizons. I look forward to working with Jackie and watching her year unfold,” Brittney Phillips, President & Pageant Director, said.

Jackie’s Biography:

Surrounded by the Coastal, Klamath, and Cascade Mountain Ranges and farmlands to the south is the town of Redding, which Jackie Scarry proudly calls home. Having access to mountains, lakes, and rolling hills, Jackie has been able to pursue her love of photography, outdoor adventure, and everything cowboy culture. The 24-year-old daughter of Joe and Janet Scarry was introduced to the life of rodeo at 10-years-old and hasn’t looked back. She enjoys the familial atmosphere found within a rodeo committee, as well as the adrenalin rush found watching the rodeo competitors dominate their field.

 When not working as a Dermatology Medical Assistant, Jackie spends her time competing in ranch versatility classes, reading a good book, or drawing. With a career goal of Crime Scene Investigations, Jackie’s final class for her Associates degree is underway and will start classes next year with Liberty University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

Who is Miss Rodeo California?

Miss Rodeo California is a young lady who strives to promote the State of California and the sport of professional rodeo.  In doing so she also endeavors to promote the great western way of life with its strong morals and values.  Miss Rodeo California will be a talented, personable horsewoman with a vast knowledge of the sport of rodeo, the equine industry, and the State of California.  She is a young lady who enjoys travel and has a sincere interest in garnering educational experiences that will assist in laying a solid foundation for her future.

As an ambassador to the sport, Miss Rodeo California promotes the western way of life and professional rodeo. She is well versed on the sport of rodeo, horsemanship skills, has a wonderful personality and is an excellent speaker.

For more information on the Miss Rodeo California Pageant please contact:

Markie Battaglia, PH: 760-390-4131 or Brittney Phillips, PH: 760-484-2088


The pageant will be held in San Luis Obispo, California.  Competition includes the following categories: Horsemanship, Speech, Modeling, Personal & Horsemanship Interviews, Test, Raffle Ticket Sales, Photogenic, Personality & Appearance.

Category awards and points will be given to the winners of Speech, Horsemanship, Test, Personality and Appearance. The winner will receive a scholarship as well as a buckle and saddle, along with the use of the Hunter Ram truck, Golden West trailer, perpetual chaps, perpetual crown, perpetual vests and more.

Contestants will no longer represent a rodeo committee while competing at the Miss Rodeo California Pageant. To replace the older requirement, contestants will instead be required to have previously held a senior queen title or equivalent thereof. (PRCA, NPRA, IPRA, CCPRA, NHSRA, etc.)

We hope this creates more opportunity for contestants to compete in our pageant in the years to come.

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