Farewell from Miss Rodeo California 2015

Miss Rodeo California 2015My year as Miss Rodeo California has been far greater than good. I can’t pick a favorite moment because there were so many. I can’t pick a favorite rodeo because they all had so many wonderful things about them. I can’t seem to pick a favorite anything because each day was my favorite. Each day representing the sport of professional rodeo is my favorite opportunity.

As this year comes to a close I see it as only the beginning for me. I plan to be a part of the rodeo world for the rest of my life. I will always be a proud California cowgirl. I will always work to better our sport and industry and I will always encourage young people to be ambassadors for what they believe in. I believe in rodeo and I believe in cowboys and cowgirls.

I am so thankful for every person that has greeted me during my year. I have learned so much about rodeo production, rodeo promotion and even California’s highways. I am eager to return to each rodeo I have visited as a future competitor and a forever supporter of rodeo. Thank you so much to each rodeo sponsor, rodeo committee, rodeo queen committee, rodeo fan, and friend for all the support and memories this year. I hope you continue to welcome future Miss Rodeo California titleholders with open arms and I hope you continue to support our favorite sport for many years to come. I will see you all down the road.

Sincerely thanks,

Carollann Scott

Miss Rodeo California 2015

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